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Mining machinery industry with Thai network marketing program
[ 12-05-2011 ]
Network marketing is built on the Internet and promote the company's brand, selling their products, under brand well-known corporate network can be extended on the Internet, general business, you can quickly establish a brand image through the Internet, and enhance the overall image. Brand building is a network-based enterprise website construction, through a series of promotional measures to achieve the enterprise customers and public awareness and recognition. A certain extent, the value of the brand even higher than the network through the network of direct benefits. The FMCG industry is generally very easy to realize value through the network, and machinery such as cage, skip, mine car, cradle, car stop, and other similar mining machinery industry, in the process of online marketing, there have been some different FMCG marketing strategy. Here to share with Thai Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. Yantai network marketing strategy:
Web Strategy

Comparative advantages of SMEs can choose to build their own web site address, so the Thai mining machinery company in Yantai with the situation according to their own set up their own website, should be specifically established for maintenance, and attention to the promotion, which is saved on the original Many traditional marketing advertising costs, and extensive use of search engines will increase the search rate, to some extent for small and medium enterprises are concerned is better than advertising effectiveness.

Product Strategy

SMEs to use Internet marketing methods must be clearly aware of their products or services, which clearly is a network of consumer choice of products. Then according to customer needs to customize the company's flagship products, focusing on advocacy, and keep up the quality and after-sale to allow consumers to buy the rest assured!

Pricing strategy

Pricing strategy is one of the most complex problems. Internet marketing strategy is to price the cost of direct dialogue with the price, the openness of information, consumers can easily control all competitors' prices with the industry, how to guide consumers to make purchasing decisions is the key. SMEs are the price if you want to network marketing success should emphasize their focus on product performance, quality, price and service!

Channel strategy

Internet marketing channels should be in line with the principle of convenience for consumers filming. In order to attract consumers attention in the network of the company's products, according to the company's products in conjunction with other SME-related products for their own extension of the company's products, related products, while there will be more attractive to consumers attention. In order to increase consumer channels, with the Thai mining machinery has also developed a corresponding expansion of channels, of which there are many network-based approach!

Yantai Thai mining machine with the network through the sales development in recent years, many mines have been established with the formation of long-term cooperative relations in recent years, independent research and development company designed lightweight aluminum cage and travel cage in the name of luxury star stainless steel products, with annual sales of more than 200 units sets and gratifying results to create a "with Thai" new product highlights.
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