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2011 "second five" China mining machinery industry, new opportunities
[ 12-05-2011 ]
2011 is the "second five" first year of construction machinery enterprises a good beginning, a good start is essential, the successful development of high-end products to meet market demand, as well as through the integration of internationalization is more important and urgent. To be sure, only to seize the two main lines of the construction machinery business, to have real prospects for development.

Currently, a new round of technological revolution is in the start-up period, a number of important breakthroughs in the field of brewing a new international division of labor and trade patterns will appear in-depth adjustment. Most of China's construction machinery industry in the international division of labor, low-end, will face serious challenges. Domestic high-speed railway, highway and large port construction, for example, these areas are proposed for construction machinery high reliability, high accuracy requirements, construction machinery inevitable end of the process. The integration of all corporate power, the advantages of the concentration of different enterprises of construction machinery industry will become another important growth driver. 2009, issued its "State Council on promoting the views of corporate mergers and acquisitions", will belong to mechanical engineering machinery manufacturing industry as a national priority to promote merger and reorganization of one of the industries. Proved to accelerate integration and innovation through high-end of the road take the product, the engineering machinery industry to adapt to current economic development mode shift in the best way.

"Twelve Five" period, China further accelerate high-speed railway construction, the demand for clean energy continues to increase, accelerating the urbanization process, both for the construction machinery industry to bring the most immediate benefits. From the international market, with the international financial crisis after the economic recovery, construction machinery industry as a broad market prospect.

However, we should also see the price of labor costs brought about the comparative advantage of China's construction machinery products have strong competitiveness in the low-end an important factor, with the deepening of economic development mode shift, this will be difficult to sustain a competitive advantage; also For this reason, high-end products and accelerate the integration will be the construction machinery industry in the future development of the two main line, which is the construction machinery enterprises in the competition, new opportunities to achieve leapfrog development.

Yantai with Thailand over the years to the development of mining machinery manufacturing, production and supply of the main cage, skip, side dump mine car,, cradle, sheave and other mining equipment, is a professional manufacturer of the cage we have to skip to seize This new opportunity for development, integration and accelerate innovation to go through the road of high-end products, so that enterprises continue to develop and expand.
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