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Mining machinery industry should improve the ability to innovate
[ 12-05-2011 ]
Mountain mechanical applications and infrastructure are closely related, the future will have a huge market. However, industry believes that the overall mining machinery in China with the international advanced level compared to 15 to 20 years behind most sources of technology products for the mid-1980s from abroad. Domestic market share of mining machinery products in the market less than 80% in the imported products are mostly large, fine, sharp and strong sets of products, such as coal mining, large efficient separation equipment, crushing and grinding equipment, all joint cross-section boring machine and other products. 

Mining machinery industry's technological base is not strong, reform and opening up, has been in the field of mining machinery market for technology to improve product technology level as the main way. Throughout the world the development of mechanical design process, mainly stand-alone single product design to product design to process equipment design process evolution. China's general mining machinery manufacturing completed only stand-alone product design and manufacturing equipment used in the design process to do by a professional institute, the craft of stand-alone product requirements proposed by the professional design institutes and assist manufacturers to complete, which resulted in equipment manufacturer and device disconnect between departments. Experts believe that in the current mining machinery manufacturing industry, the business process design is relatively weak in the case, good condition, except in their own areas of expertise into the role of organizational strength as soon as possible, should be taken with foreign and domestic companies to establish various forms of professional institute joint, including the formation of groups, unions, the introduction of technology, the introduction of qualified personnel and other measures to fight in a joint project on the design approach, the first intervention and then to improve and achieve win-win situation.

In addition, experts suggest that as quickly as possible, to supplement and improve the application of the advantages of professional laboratory for product, manufacturing process and process technology research. Not applied technical research data and databases, you can not convince customers to use the company's products and technology, not to mention the truly innovative application of technology.
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